Grant Application Policy

Article I

Purpose and Procedures

The International Association of Legal Ethics (Association) provides funding for activities consistent with its mission of supporting teaching, research, and programs related to legal ethics. Applications for funding for purposes other than the Association’s Conference on Legal Ethics shall be submitted to a committee of the Board of Directors of the Association, which shall make recommendations to the full board of any application that it recommends for support. Grants shall be approved by a majority of Board members eligible to vote. Applications for travel assistance to attend the Association’s Conference shall be submitted to the Conference Steering Committee, appointed by the Conference Chair. Committee members who may have a personal interest in funding decisions shall recuse themselves in accordance with the Association’s policies on conflicts of interest.

Article II

Criteria for Awarding Grants

In evaluating applications for funding for purposes other than the Association Conference, the committee shall consider: the extent to which the funds requested would further the Association’s core purposes; the amount requested in light of other demands on the Association’s resources; the need of the recipient; the availability of alternative funding. When awarding grants to enable applicants to participate in the Association’s conference and/or other programs, the committee shall also consider the Association’s interest in ensuring the geographic and demographic diversity of participants and the value of enabling individuals from underrepresented groups and regions to pursue interests related to legal ethics.

Article III


Decisions of the committee to award grants shall be published in an annual report available on the Association's website, and shall include information concerning the amount and purpose of the grant.