Regional Conferences

The International Association of Legal Ethics encourages and supports regional conferences dedicated to legal ethics. These regional conferences complement the bi-annual International Legal Ethics Conferences.

In Australia/New Zealand (“ANZLEC”) and in Japan (“ILEST”), these conferences are well-established and usually take place in uneven years when no ILEC is scheduled. In other regions of the world, legal ethics conferences are organized as one-off events.

As one of the missions of the IAOLE is the promotion of teaching, research, vocational training programs, and policy initiatives concerning legal ethics, the Association will consider applications to sponsor or collaborate with other conferences and colloquia concerning legal ethics. For further details, please see the co-sponsorship section of this website.

Upcoming regional conferences the IOALE has endorsed are:

Australian and New Zealand Legal Ethics Colloquium VII (ANZLEC 7) | University of Southern Queensland ( (Register Here)

Australia and New Zealand Legal Ethics Colloquium 7
Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia – 20 and 21 July 2023

International Legal Ethics Symposium
Tokyo, Japan – 11 March 2023