Enhancing Legal Ethics Globally


The mission of the International Association of Legal Ethics (IAOLE) is to promote teaching, research, vocational training programs, and policy initiatives concerning legal ethics. In support of that mission, the Association will consider applications to sponsor or collaborate with other conferences and colloquia concerning legal ethics.

Applicants for sponsorship or collaboration should explain why they seek such sponsorship or collaboration and provide IAOLE with responses to the questions below and any other information they believe IAOLE may find useful in making its decision.

It is a condition of sponsorship that delegates are provided with information about IAOLE, at least by a link to our website: https://iaole.org/.

  1. Name of the organization making the request
  2. Details of request to IAOLE. Are you seeking assistance other than naming us as a cosponsor and having us include information on the conference on our website and other publications? We do not currently have a budget from which to provide financial assistance.
  3. How will IAOLE’s role be explained in the program and conference papers? Will conference papers include an invitation to delegates to join IAOLE? (This is encouraged.)
  4. Other sponsors to date or pending.
  5. Name, date, and location of proposed conference and colloquia.

6. Name of bodies funding or indemnifying the conference or colloquia; has professional indemnity insurance been arranged? If so, please provide details.
7. Full details of the call for papers, invited speakers, others who will be invited to attend the conference, and proposed conference attendance fees (a copy of the conference flier or link to the website will often suffice).
8. Where and how will the conference be advertised? Is the conference open for any person to attend? Does the conference offer discounted rates or travel assistance for disadvantaged individuals, such as students or pensioners?
9. Curriculum vitae for the organizers of the conference, including publications.
10. Purpose of the event, including how the involvement of IAOLE will assist that purpose.
11. What efforts will be made to include a diversity of views and backgrounds among participants?
12. Will papers from the conference be published? If so, please provide details.
13. Any other information you consider relevant to your request.
Name [and signature] of individual organizers
Contact details (including email and telephone)
Date of request and date by which you need a response