Legal Ethics and Standards

History of IAOLE

At the conclusion of the 2010 ILEC IV conference, conference attendees gathered to discuss whether they wanted to create a new organization. Those attending this meeting overwhelmingly supported the idea of creating a new organization – the International Association of Legal Ethics (IAOLE).

Professor Deborah Rhode, the Conference Coordinator for ILEC IV., which was held in Stanford, California, USA, volunteered to look into this issue further and asked for volunteers for a steering committee that would work with her on this issue.

After circulating draft documents, the steering committee approved in 2010 the organization’s mission statement, bylaws, a list of officers and directors, and a draft letter to colleagues inviting them to join the association.

Professor Deborah Rhode was selected as the inaugural President of IAOLE. In 2011, the Officers and Directors approved a proposal by Professors Michele DeStefano and Renee Knake to create a Committee on Legal Ethics and Regulation Education Around the Globe (LEREG).

During the 2012 ILEC V conference held in Banff, Canada, there was a brief IAOLE business meeting during which volunteers were solicited, and a number of additional IAOLE committees were approved. During the business meeting, all ILEC V conference attendees were encouraged to become members of IAOLE, which is free.

Presidents of the IAOLE have been:

2010 – 2014: Professor Deborah Rhode, USA
2014 – 2016: Professor Kim Economides, Australia
2016 – 2018: Professor Alice Wooley, Canada
2018 – 2022: Professor Yasutomo Morigiwa, Japan
2022 –          : Professor Matthias Kilian, Germany

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