Committees & Working Groups

To volunteer for a committee, contact a committee chair or co-chair. 

last updated 3 May 2016



For information about the role of officers see Art IV of the Bylaws.

  • President: Alice Woolley Canada  Art IV Bylaws: Officer of IAoLE
  • Treasurer: W. Bradley Wendel USA (c. Finance) Art IV Bylaws: Officer of IAoLE
  • Secretary: Lisa Webley UK (m. Finance) Art IV Bylaws: Officer of IAoLE
  • Julian Webb Australia (Conference Planning) Officer for a 2 year term, Art IV s7 bylaws


For information about directors see Art II s3 of the Bylaws

Require a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10.

  • Brent Cotter Canada  (c. Nominations)
  • Tim Dare New Zealand  (m. Nominations)
  • Nigel Duncan UK (m. Conference Planning; m. Prizes and Awards)
  • Matthias Kilian Germany (m. Outreach; m. Prizes and Awards; m. Web transl.)
  • David Luban USA (m. Nominations Committee)
  • Selene Mize New Zealand (co-c. Web; m. Nominations)
  • Yasutomo Morigiwa  Japan (m. Web transl.; m. Outreach)
  • Christine Parker Australia (c. Prizes and Awards)
  • Laurel Terry USA (co-c. Web; webmaster)

Co-opted Members of the Board for Steering Group Purposes

  • Reid Mortensen Australia (co-opted as General Editor of Legal Ethics) Art V s7 bylaws



For information about the role of committees see Art III of the Bylaws

Outreach Committee: Chair vacant, membership under review, recent committee members: Leah Wortham; Helen McGowan; Michael Santor; Carole Silver; Matthias Kilian; Tomo Morigiwa .

Conference Advisory Committee: Chair Bruce Green, committee members: Nigel Duncan; Alice Woolley and including members of the outreach committee as above.

Web Committee: Co-chairs Laurel Terry and Selene Mize, committee members: Matthias Kilian; Tomo Morigiwa; and co-opted members as needed.  The Webpage Committee is tasked with providing content for, and feedback regarding, the IAOLE webpage

Prizes and Awards Committee: Chair Christine Parker, committee members: Alice Woolley; Reid Mortensen; and co-opted members as needed. The Prizes and Awards Committee is responsible for a biennial prize for the best legal ethics paper by an early career scholar. The winning paper to be awarded at the Biennial International Legal Ethics Colloquium and published in Legal Ethics.

Finance Sub-Committee: Chair Linda Haller, committee members: Kim Economides; Lisa Webley. To date decisions have been taken by the full board.

Nominations Committee: Chair Brent Cotter, committee members: David Luban; Tim Dare; Selene Mize. The Nominations Committee seeks out nominations for Director and Officer roles on the Board. Individuals may ask to be considered for nomination, people may also nominate others.