A Message from the President

Join Us in the Manifold Networking of Legal Ethics

IAOLE is now twelve years old. It has steadfastly promoted the teaching, research, and vocational training of legal ethics, as well as policy initiatives for better legal ethics globally. To provide better legal ethics, the Association, and its mission, since its inception in 2010, have pursued and gained an ever-wider perspective for envisaging a more just society, where the rights of each are respected irrespective of wealth or power.

We are now past the fledgling stage and on our way to becoming a truly international Association. Our aim goes beyond providing the members with occasions to share our experiences and knowledge of legal ethics by assisting in the organization of our biennial international conferences and interim conferences on national, regional, and global scales. We are now actively promoting, in these and other forms, opportunities for scholars and practitioners of different legal traditions to come together to better understand the manifold systems of legal ethics that comprise the modern world we live in. To gain such understanding, multi-dimensional exploration in professional ethics is essential. We ought to explore new fields of legal ethics brought about by globalization and converging innovations in modern technology. We should work to create new networks that would bridge the gulf between us and the medical or other professions. We must extend our sights beyond the common law world into the civil, oriental, and Islamic legal cultures and their ethics. Such developments should thus provide a wider and deeper understanding of the contribution professional ethics makes in developing a society where rights, not brute force, matter.

This website will explain our structure and activities, also provide links to our international journal Legal Ethics, and to international and regional conferences we support such as the biennial International Legal Ethics Conference (ILEC), Australia New Zealand Legal Ethics Colloquia (ANZLEC), and International Legal Ethics Symposium in Tokyo (ILEST) series, as well as other resources we hope will assist you and us with furthering the objectives of our Association. I invite you to join us and become part of the journey. We welcome your comments and suggestions, and information about relevant activities, which may be sent to: [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you at ILEC 2022 in Los Angeles (International Legal Ethics Conference – ILEC 2022 | UCLA Law), and in the pipeline, 2024 in Amsterdam, and 2026 in Warsaw.

Yasutomo Morigiwa

President, IAOLE

(2018- )